Team Alignment

The Team Alignment Workshop is focused on building the behaviors that are essential to a team and to strategy execution. This day-long workshop assesses the leadership team’s current level of teamwork in areas such as trust, constructive conflict, commitment, accountability, and attention to results. It provides insights and strategies for developing the team in each of these areas and conducts exercises to build a cohesive and well-aligned team.

The Team Alignment Workshop works in conjunction with the Leadership Tune-Up and Strategy Workshops in developing the team’s ability to effectively lead the organization. It focuses on the disciplines and processes that drive successful strategy execution including creating a “Team One” mentality within the leadership team.

Other concepts developed in the workshop are tailored to the needs of the team and potentially include: clarifying roles and responsibilities, leveraging collective intelligence of the team, driving a continuous innovation and improvement process, pursuing talent development, and delegating responsibility to expand the capacity of the organization.