Why Trinitas Advisors

Whether you are leading an organization through growth, trying to get better accountability from your managers, or looking for results that are sustainable, your first concern must be about how well your leadership team is aligned.

Leaders who operate in true high functioning teams, create well-articulated strategies, and execute those strategies in a disciplined way, achieve superior results.

Trinitas Advisors is a partnership created by three founders, Ben Anderson-Ray, Chris Edwards and Susan Diehl, who have been CEOs or C-Level Executives and are experienced advisors to business leaders and their leadership teams.

Founded in 2009 on a desire to help companies and organizations achieve top performance and sustained success, Trinitas Advisors builds on collective business and leadership experience in a wide range of industries.

Our own leadership experience and the work we do with organizations that span size and industry enable us to have peer-to-peer dialogues with our clients. With C-level experience, we bring to our clients the expertise, advice, and a process-driven methodology required to achieve sustained success.

Meet Our Team