Learn Why Our Clients Love Working With Us
I have personally experienced this leadership alignment methodology facilitated by Chris Edwards and Susan Diehl. I have never experienced faster growth! Penny Queller

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Monster

Ben is a manufacturing guy working with a healthcare client, and it doesn’t matter! His ability to manage people, operations, and strategy, and the fact that he knows my team well, has made him a great asset. Dr. Fred Kniffin

CMO, Porter Medical Center

Chris was able to understand our enterprise immediately. He operates as part of the leadership team and has a whole operating system understanding of our business. This means that he asks the questions that help us uncover hidden issues and emerging opportunities across the organization  – resulting in a better running and more profitable business. Paul Sharkey

Thanks to Susan’s support, my team has experienced a high level of growth and professional success in the past several years, and we continue to expand and meet our annual revenue targets year over year. My team is motivated and focused to meet our 10-year goal, and with Susan’s expertise I’m confident we will reach it.

Cheryl A. Luther

General Manager, NSF International

Ben really pushed me to create a management team. We moved to a leadership team with strong, coherent roles and an important element of trust. Roland Groeneveld

CEO, Logic Supply

We have become a good example of a Getting to Great company with consistent positive results. This is due, in part, to Chris Edwards’ ability to bring ideas to life. He has helped us identify what we can be great at, improved our processes and helped create an aligned leadership team. Bob Van Goor

With Susan’s help I was able to make decisions and plans and have started to execute against those plans. I am no longer at a crossroad; I have a clearly defined path forward. M. Boardman

Partner, Fast Growing Law Firm

Chris has the unique ability to drive straight to the heart of the matter. Joey Agree

Susan has been an incredibly valuable asset to our organization. Her insight, advice, and hands-on style have helped us operate with substantially more clarity and intentionality. Susan has tremendous interpersonal skills, is a consensus builder, and always follows through. She has helped us accomplish more than we could have otherwise. We highly recommend her services. Jeff Hockman and Chris Yaw

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