Strategy Alignment

The Strategy Alignment workshop is a working session to clarify the organization’s strategy and key metrics in a one-page operating strategy. At this two-day session, we help the leadership team crystalize their core ideology, vision and strategic focus of the organization. We work with the leadership team to answer the questions:

  • Who are we as an organization?
  • What business are we in?
  • Where are we going, and how will we get there?
  • What actions will be taken, and by when?

In the workshop, we develop the elements of a one-page operating strategy (OPOS) that creates a line of sight between its highest level vision to what it is doing today. It starts by clarifying the organization’s core values and envisioned future. Working with the leadership team, we identify the strategic pillars and market position of the organization as it exists today. We also consider the organizational strengths and weakness, as well as the market opportunities and threats, to focus on the key issues and opportunities for strategic action.

We then distill the critical three-year strategic directions and the one-year ‘initiatives’ that will be the strategic focus of the organization. Ultimately, we translate these into 90-day priorities that drive strategic innovation and improvement. In clarifying priorities, we also develop key metrics to serve as a scorecard.

The output of the session is a one-page roadmap that the leadership team will use to align the short-term actions of the organization toward achieving their long-term vision.