As most business leaders know, to be successful their companies need to process driven. They need clearly defined processes in place to manage engineering, manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing, accounting, etc. Yet, many business leaders fail to recognize that leadership is also a key business function that needs to be aligned and process driven and not managed on an ad hoc basis. This happens because most business education and training focus more on developing functional and management skills than leadership skills. As a result, most businesses are over managed and under led, because their leaders spend more time performing tasks and managing processes than leading people.

To accelerate the growth of their companies, business leaders need to allocate more time to leading people: setting direction and aligning employees. Their goal should be to build an engaged, inspired and self-motivated workforce that requires minimal guidance and direction to achieve their objectives.

To accomplish this, business leaders need to:

  1. Create a roadmap (like the Trinitas One Page Operating Strategy or OPOS) that articulates who their company is, where it’s going, how it’s going to get there and what its top priorities are. We developed this tool specifically to help business leaders align their employees around a clear and compelling direction.
  2. Implement a disciplined meeting rhythm process that brings the leadership team together on a frequent basis to work on their business together and drive continuous innovation, improvement and value creation.

The more aligned and process driven your leadership team is, the more engaged, motivated and productive your employees will be, which will result in accelerated growth and higher returns.

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Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Partner & Advisor

Chris Edwards is a partner with Trinitas Advisors, an executive coaching firm that helps business leaders build the leadership alignment they need to win more, grow faster and succeed longer. Chris can be reached at

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