Friction Slows Companies Down, Alignment Speeds Them Up

Success in business is a function of eliminating the friction that slows companies down and building and maintaining the alignment that speeds them up. As with mechanical things business alignment is a front-end issue. It starts at the top with leadership. Get your company’s leadership aligned on who your company is, where it’s going, how it’s going to get there and what’s important right now and your company will win more, grow faster and succeed longer. This happens because employee engagement, morale, and productivity are a reflection of how their company’s leaders work together. When the leaders are aligned on their strategic playbook and execute the strategy in a disciplined fashion, employees react positively and results improve. When they are not aligned, work in silos and chart their own paths, employees react negatively and results suffer.

To Seek Greater Speed, Turn People Issues into Process Issues

Leadership alignment clearly eliminates friction and enables faster growth. If you want to move even faster, turn employee issues into process issues. When employees work together to improve processes they naturally take pride in the issues they identify and improve and become more aligned. When they are more aligned on how processes work they are less likely to get bogged down on the you versus me issues that cause friction and slow things down.

Talent is Abundant

In today’s business world talent is abundant. Getting the talent in a company aligned so they can create and deliver greater value faster is the trick. The best way to get there is through leadership alignment and by turning people issues into process issues.

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Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Partner & Advisor

Chris Edwards is a partner with Trinitas Advisors, an executive coaching firm that helps business leaders build the leadership alignment they need to win more, grow faster and succeed longer. Chris can be reached at

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