To build top performing companies, business leaders must decide what their companies are going to do and, more importantly, what they are not going to do. They can’t be all things to all to all people. They need to be clear about the value they offer and deploy their resources (people, cash, etc.) to deliver that value to the markets that need them most.

The idea is to think narrow and deep, not wide and shallow.  Companies that think narrow and deep and make clear choices about the products and services they offer, the customers they serve and the geographies in which they operate, will be more successful because they are better focused. Companies that think wide and shallow and are opportunistic about what they do, become spread too thin and find it challenging to achieve their goals and objectives.

Many business leaders find it difficult to decide what to do and what not to do. They are very successful people who are very accomplished. They became leaders because they went the extra mile. Subconsciously, they think they can do it all. They need to remind themselves that if everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. They need to make the hard decisions about what is really important and allocate their resources to accomplish their top priorities. In addition, they need to be aligned on how they are going to accomplish their priorities.

This is the business that Trinitas Advisors is in. Our advisors and coaches work with business leaders to identify and prioritize opportunities and build the leadership alignment their companies need to win more, grow faster, and succeed longer.

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Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Partner & Advisor

Chris Edwards is a partner with Trinitas Advisors, an executive coaching firm that helps business leaders build the leadership alignment they need to win more, grow faster and succeed longer. Chris can be reached at

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