When CEOs seek outside advice, they should look for Advisors who are experienced business leaders that have dealt with the issues they face.

Advisors should do more than tell you what they think – they should offer guidance based on what they’ve accomplished. They should challenge your thinking by sharing what they have learned and showing you how to address specific issues.

Finding an Advisor who is the real deal involves asking questions like these:

Has the Advisor dealt with the same issues that I face? An Advisor who has experience in wide array of areas like management, international business, and product development, etc., can bring a world of valuable insight.

Can the Advisor bring a relevant point of view? The challenges of leadership in a growing company are unique. An Advisor should be able to help you build the leadership alignment you need to accelerate your company’s growth.

Are you ready to bring in somebody with an expertise that you lack?  Effective leaders have the emotional intelligence required to seek out and engage with advisors who compliment their style of leadership. Outside advisors can help develop the cohesive teamwork that is needed to build the leadership alignment that is needed to achieve long-term success.

Can you let go? Some company founders succeed early and then struggle to grow their companies. Their ability to shift from command and control leadership to a more collaborative approach is critical as their companies grow.

Is the Advisor ready to work? Successful organizations are run by people who embrace the constancy of change, who are fearless in their approach, and are willing to reinvent themselves. The best Advisors should always be striving to be better, or as Jim Collins has said, “always qualifying for the job.”

Does the Advisor think creatively? You and your leadership team need to find solutions to challenges that emerge and that are new to you. The right Advisor helps your leadership team invent the future.

To create real success, CEOs need to create aligned leadership teams. If your senior leaders challenge each other, support each other, and focus on aligned actions, they will see multiple gains: better culture, improved processes, higher margins, lower turnover, better customer satisfaction – all of the issues that keep a CEO up at night.

Hiring the right advisor is essential.

Before you make your decision, download our tipsheet with 6 essential qualities any advisor should possess.

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