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Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Partner and Advisor

Chris works with CEOs and business owners to develop their leadership skills and to align their senior management team. His experience leading organizations like CEO Advisors makes Chris a real asset for C-level executives seeking to grow and succeed. Chris helps clients get better results by providing them with a real-world approach to understanding and better managing the many issues they encounter.

Chris’ extensive experience includes senior executive roles with IBM and Kelly Services. He served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and earned a BA in Business Administration from the United States International University (now Alliant University) in San Diego, California.

Chris is based in Bradenton, Florida. Contact Chris at 248-496-0550 or

Susan M. Diehl

Susan M. Diehl

Partner and Advisor

Susan works to achieve clarity by asking the tough questions and helping teams have tough conversations. This comes from training as a lawyer and negotiator. In asking these questions, Susan helps to distill the complex into a simple and compelling story that has coherence and creates a line of sight from the “here and now” to the “future state”.

Susan works with non-profit and for profit organizations that range from small to large and span multiple industries. Her experience comes from her own work in professional services, large multi-national companies and as an investor with early stage companies. She dedicates at least 20% of her time working with social purpose organizations.

Susan’s background and education is in law and the science of negotiation and organizational conflict resolution. She has been an executive in multiple disciplines, including law, compliance, corporate social responsibility, EHS, HR and supply chain. Throughout her time as an executive, she used process-driven methodologies to drive alignment and sustained success.

Susan’s office is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Contact Susan at 734-516-4747 or

Ben Anderson-Ray

Ben Anderson-Ray

Partner and Advisor

Ben works with fellow CEOs on leading their organization as an aligned team. He does this based on his experience and leadership capability developed as a CEO in mid-market companies and as an executive in larger corporations. By helping leaders work better as a team, align around strategic priorities and drive execution, he helps them improve their performance as a team and as an organization. Ben works primarily with leaders of mid-market companies and larger non-profit organizations in a wide range of industry sectors.

Ben’s experience draws from diverse career in leading growth-oriented companies, managing turnarounds, and as an investor and board member. He served as the CEO of three mid-market manufacturing companies in B2B and B2C businesses. Earlier in his career he was an executive in three multinational corporations: GE, Rubbermaid and Sunrise Medical. Today he serves on the board of both public and private companies and is the chair of a national non-profit organization. His education has been in Marketing, Strategic Planning and Leadership including an MBA from the University of Michigan and continuing education at Harvard Business School.

Ben is based in Middlebury, Vermont. Contact Ben at 802-349-2828 or

Jack Lyons


Jack has an extensive background as a business coach and M&A consultant with Lyons Solutions, an advisory firm that serves the owners and CEOs of mid-market companies. He is particularly adept at helping profitable, growing companies expand their profitability rate and create greater market value.

Jack’s experience includes a successful career in finance and marketing. As the Founder and President of Lyons Solutions, he successfully built his own practice and sold over 100 companies before joining Trinitas. Jack was previously the CFO of Windsor Medical, a high-growth medical technology company and a financial and marketing executive at Digital Equipment Corporation for many years. Earlier in his career he was with both Welch Foods and RCA. He was also a shareholder in a family owned manufacturing firm that is now part of Dow Chemical.

Jack has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Boston College and an MBA from Bryant University.

Jack is based in Chicago, Illinois. Contact Jack at 773-697-8600 or